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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Whole Days Outdoors: An Autobiographical Album

Whole Days Outdoors: An Autobiographical Album
Author: Jim Arnosky
Photographer: Deanna Arnosky
Publisher: Richard C. Owen Publishers
ISBN-10: 1572748591
ISBN-13: 978-1572748590

Whole Days Outdoors is the story of Jim Arnosky, prolific nature writer of titles such as All Night Near the Water, Armadillo's Orange, Big Jim and the White legged Moose among many others. His sketches of animals and nature are some of the most detailed and lifelike illustrations.

In this autobiography in the Meet the Author Series, Mr. Arnosky tells of growing up in Philadelphia, living on a farm in Vermont and being out in nature. He learned drawing from his father. This book, like the others in the series is insightful and fascinating.

The photographs that compliment the text are wonderful and give added depth. I found it both interesting and highly entertaining to find he sometimes writes a paragraph for a manuscript while sitting on his lawnmower.

I love how these books really make writing so accessible to children. The authors who do these books are really contributing something of value to children. I can see whole generations of children inspired to write because of these books. It will give a deep appreciation for the process and of the work that goes into writing a book.

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