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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pirateology: The Pirate Hunters Companion

Pirateology: The Pirate Hunters Companion
Author: William Captain Lubber
Editor: Dugald A. Steer
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN-10: 0763631434
ISBN-13: 978-0763631437

For ages 9-12

The fourth in the Ology series and purported to be written by Captain William Lubber, a pirate hunter, Pirateology is an information-packed early18th century log of the Captain’s hunt for the pirate Arabella Drummond.

The book documents Captain Lubber’s travels and is filled to the brim with letters, codes, maps, charts and much more. There are both color and black and white illustrations and the drawings are detailed and informational. Pirateology, like the other Ologies is very tactile and fun for young children. There are envelopes to open, gold dust to examine, a compass on the front cover. The book offers instruction on how pirates dressed and the weapons they used as well as tons of pirate facts and stories.

I loved the little nautical dictionary that is set into one of the pages, a booklet within a book as well as the nautical knots instructions complete with leather to knot. The story is fun and readers will eagerly follow Captain Lubber on his hunt for the dangerous and vicious Arabella. My grandson loved the drawing of a pirate ship with the flap that lifts up to show what the inside of the ship would look. My granddaughter loves the gold dust.

Pirateology has something for everyone in the family and it’s an education in history and lore. The book will definitely fascinate even adult readers and will be sure to send both young and older readers hunting more books on pirates.

I always love when books lead to other books and ignite that passion to read. Pirateology does this in a fun and exciting way. My grandchildren’s shining eyes as they pore over the pages and their excitement as they find yet another treasure say it all.

I love the Ology books for so many reasons, the ones listed above as well as many more and this one on pirates is a worthy addition to the series.

Book Description from the publisher
Aar! Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures — a magnificent resource for pirate lovers everywhere. The eagerly awaited new title in the best-selling ’Ology series — more than 5 million sold worldwide!

Step lively, pirate foes and fanciers! Mysterious booty found inside a long-lost sea chest, hidden for hundreds of years off the coast of Newfoundland, has just been uncovered for your enjoyment. Within these covers is the fascinating eighteenth-century journal of Captain William Lubber, an earnest soul who sailed the seas in search of the vicious female pirate Arabella Drummond. Prepare for a mesmerizing tale of the golden age of piracy — from storm-tossed sailing ships to tantalizing treasure islands, from pirates’ flags and fashions to their wily weapons and wicked ways. An extraordinary find for pirateologists, here is a true and complete companion for the dedicated pirate hunter.

Pirateology’s special treasures include:
— a stunning cover bearing a working compass and glittering gems—treasure map with a missing piece — for the canny reader to find
— multiple flaps, maps, charts, and booklets harboring codes and clues
— intricate drawings of ships’ interiors
— a packet of gold dust — a pocket sundial
— a cache of pirate letters, pieces of eight— and a jewel as a final reward

PIRATEOLOGY offers adventurers and treasure hunters, landlubbers and sailors alike heretofore hidden knowledge of the exploits of one wickedly daring woman pirate and the lore of pirate ships, weapons, dress, customs, codes, and pirate routes..

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