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Friday, March 16, 2007

Penelope Jane: A Fairy's Story

Penelope Jane: A Fairy’s Story
Author: Roseanne Cash
Illustrator: G. Brian Karas
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 006084230X
ISBN-13: 978-0060842307

"Tall as an eyelash, quick as a plane was the tiniest fairy, Penelope Jane..." Grammy Award winning singer, Roseanne Cash has written the most adorable little rhyming fairy story. Penelope Jane de la Fesser is an eyelash high French fairy that lives in her best friend Carrie's dresser drawer with her mother. One day she decides to go to school and promises not to be much trouble but unfortunately, Penelope Jane just seems to attract it trouble in bunches. Hmm reminds me of some little girls I know.

She gets stuck in a sandwich and falls into glue among other mishaps till the teacher sends her to sit in the corner. When the trash can catches fire and the school is in danger, Penelope Jane the quick thinking fairy remembers a song her mother taught her called How to be Strong and manages to save the day.

The rhyming story is upbeat and fun. Penelope Jane, although an unlikely and very small heroine is very winning and you find yourself cheering her on. Her sense of adventure is sure to get little girls to love her. She made me smile.

Bright and beautiful illustrations by G. Brian Karas really enhanced the book's sense of fun and adventure. His gorgeous images of fairies sitting at little acorn desks were so whimsical that they made me laugh aloud and exclaim over their beauty.

A CD with the song is included and really makes the whole package an experience. My granddaughter loves both book and song so much. She loves Penelope Jane and I think you will too.

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