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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lloyd Alexander

AmoxCalli is black today - Lloyd Alexander has died.

I received this early this morning.

Dear Community,
There is sad news. Lloyd Alexander died this morning. He was under Hospice care and was at home in his own bed where he wanted to be.
His wife, Janine, to whom he was married for sixty-two years, died two weeks ago - also at home. (He met and married the French Janine in Paris at the end of WWII.)
His last book, THE GOLDEN DREAM OF CARLO CHUCHIO is out in galley form. Holt publication date is August. It is vintage Alexander.
Lloyd said about CARLO, "I have finished my life work."

Rest in peace beloved storyteller.

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Bobbie Carlton said...

I also just heard and immediately dug around in our at home library to come up with some of LA's books for my son to read. I remember reading the books over and over again as a child, and struggling with how to pronounce same of the character names!