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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Stupidest Angel

I love Christopher Moore. I stumbled onto him one day in a book store when I couldn't resist the title Island of the Sequined Love Nun. Since then I've been a huge fan and these are my thoughts of his book, The Stupidest Angel.

This book was so funny that I was laughing aloud while on the train to work. People were staring at me but I just didn't care. I've long been a fan of Christopher Moore and he outdid himself with this hysterical and truly fun novel. An evil developer, zombies, a Micronesian Fruit Bat named Roberto that wears custom-sized Ray Bans, a psycho warrior babe and assorted other insane and wonderful characters had me howling with laughter. Raziel the angel, from the book Lamb is back again and dumber than ever. The crazy characters were so engaging and real that I really liked them in spite or perhaps because of their very nuttiness. Molly in particular is completely and wonderfully insane. It's been two days since I finished the book and I am still laughing and smiling at odd moments. Truly infectious!

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