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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Cabaret: A Roman Riddle by Lily Prior

I just finished an ARE (Advanced Reader Edition) of Lily Prior's latest book Cabaret. What a blast and what an amazing little book!

I had such a great time reading about the bizarre Freda Lippi, her parrot Pierino and the wonderful cast of characters that populate her world. I loved Freda's interactions with the sexy Detective Balbini and the chemistry between them. Freda's sister Fiamma is quite interesting as well.

The book starts off with Freda coming home to find her home overrun by detectives, her fat ventriloquist of a cheating husband missing along with her beloved parrot. Freda's quest to find her parrot, passion for Balbini, and memories of how her life came to the place she was in now were all so insane and strange but so well written and amusing.

It was great fun and the last sentence quite shocking. I almost jumped out of my seat! I felt as if I had been to the theatre. How marvelously entertaining it was. I thouroughly enjoyed Cabaret and will be on the look out for more from Lily Prior.

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