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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Hot Kid - Elmore Leonard

Speakeasys, gun molls, a handsome lawman, oh my! I've been a huge fan of Elmore Leonard for years and have always thought he was the master of dialogue. Never more so than in this exciting, gritty little novel set in one of the most fascinating times in history to me. I think I just fell for Carl Webster and was completely entranced by the story. I stayed up all night and couldn't put it down! I loved the dialogue, the plot, the whole story and hope there's a sequel coming because I am dying to know what that Hot Kid is up to next.

This is Elmore Leonard's 40th novel, quite an achievement. He writes with a wry humor, great dialogue and his characters are rich, complex and just plain interesting. He brings back that era in full, brilliant color.

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