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Friday, November 02, 2007

Dia de los muertos - Parque de Mexico, Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc


TadMack said...

This makes me miss the Bay Area and California in ways I haven't yet since I came to Scotland. Ay! I wanna go home! It is so strange to live in a city where there are few, if any, Latino peoples!

msedano said...

danzantes add such spirit to public events, unless, of course, the spirit is the wrong one.


'Native spiritual dancing has its roots in a different spiritual belief system that is incongruent with traditional Christian worship.'
— Pastor Mark Hughes

but that's in the part of america called canada. would never happen here, que no?


Anonymous said...

i respect culture and appreciate it but this is completely unGodly and demonic.

Gina MarySol Ruiz said...


At first I wasn't going to publish your comment nor respond to it but it's Thanksgiving and I am remembering my grandmother's early morning visits to church, thinking about how devout she was and how far your comment is off base.

Nothing in our culture is unGodly or demonic. We are a very spiritual and profoundly devout people. By giving thanks and honor to our Creator, to the beloved people who gave us so much, by praying, by gathering round to thank the Creator for everything in our lives is certainly not unGodly.
Never once did I mention demons. Every step we take in our dance is a prayer. Every

Gina MarySol Ruiz said...

person there was not only honoring the memories of people they loved who have passed on, but honoring their lCreator. Every person there is a good, caring, honest, hardworking and loving person. I know each one and not one is what you would call demonic or unGodly. These are church going Godly people and you insult both the culture and the individuals with your ignorance and name-calling.

On this day of Thanks to take time from giving thanks for what you were given to denegrate a culture and the people who uphold is is absolutely appalling to me. Maybe you should take a look inside yourself and see what is lacking.