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Thursday, August 09, 2007

What Book Got You Hooked?

This summer, First Book asked people from all walks of life to help them in celebrating their 50 a millionth book to children in need by answering the question: What book got YOU hooked?

The campaign invited readers nationwide to recall the books that sparked their love of reading and then share the magic with children in need by voting for the state to receive 50,000 brand new books.

How cool is that?

I filled out the form at their booth at BEA and am happy to see the book I chose (Little Women) on the final Top 50 list. Here's the link to the list.

The First Book site is filled with information and fun facts. There's a poll of all the voting, celebrities choices and lots of other fun stuff. I think I'm going to use the Top 50 List as part of the Reviewing the Classics of Kidlit series and try to get all those 50 reviewed in the next few months.

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