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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Dog Needs a Bone

A Dog Needs A Bone
Author/Illustrator: Audrey Wood
Publisher: The Blue Sky Press, an imprint of Scholastic
ISBN-10: 054500005X
ISBN-13: 978-0545000055

A Dog Needs a Bone follows a needy pooch on his long quest for a bone. Told entirely in rhyme, it’s a very fun book to read to little ones.

“Mistress, kind mistress, please give me a bone, and I’ll stay by your side, no more will I roam.”

The reader follows the dog on his quest, listing promise after promise if he’ll only get a bone. Anyone that has a dog will recognize the single-mindedness of a dog after food. I especially loved the picture of the dog digging into the trashcan. It made me laugh as much as the drawing of the dog gazing sadly out the window when his mistress leaves made me say awwwww.

The drawings by Audrey Wood are completely adorable and give such a sense of silliness to the dog’s quest for a bone. Each drawing looks like it’s been done in crayon and give the sense of a child’s drawings, which will further endear young ones. I’m finding through my grandchildren that the drawings that remind them of their own beginning attempts at it bring a special smile and closeness.

Book Description from the publisher
Follow the plight of this bone-obsessed, lovable mutt as she spends her day waiting, pleading, and plotting for a bone from her mistress. Readers will delight in the humor and irresistible charm of this incorrigible canine as she tries to stave off her desire until at last she gets her long-awaited bone. Young readers will be drawn to the simple rhyming text and playful crayon illustrations of this bestselling author.

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