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Thursday, July 05, 2007

ComicCon Anyone?

I'll be at Comic Con in San Diego from July 26th to the 29th. Is anyone going? Would love to meet up if you are. My calendar is just starting to populate itself with meetings and fun parties.

Look for a special from the floor up to the minute account blog from AWN, that oh so fun place where I work. I'll be blogging with my co-worker and fellow blogger Rick of Ricks Flicks Picks fame (ricksflickspicks@animationblogspot.com). We're going to have a dedicated blog just for ComicCon but haven't yet decided what we're going to call it. We'll take suggestions!

Oh and if you have news related to Comic Con send it to editor@awn.com and we'll get it up on the site!

See ya in San Diego!

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