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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Books for Young Learners

Usually I write reviews of books that I’ve liked and wanted to recommend but today I have a whole series of books to recommend – Books for Young Learners by Richard C. Owens Publishers. This is also the publisher of the marvelous Meet the Author series (see full reviews on three of them on this site).

I have it on good authority, my grandchildren that these books are absolutely wonderful. Jasmine carries hers in her little book bag all the time and is never without her favorites, Perlitas, Mama Cut My Hair, Play Ball and The Changing Caterpillar. Aiden loves Poco’s Garden, a charming tale of a little boy, his grandmother and the garden they are working on.

The books are small for little hands, colorful and bright and the stories are simple and upbeat. Highly recommended!

Description from the publisher:

This ever expanding collection currently contains 168 titles in English in and 82 titles in Spanish. Each year we will publish additional titles in English and titles in Spanish. Books for Young Learners in Spanish are authentic adaptations from English. The English/Spanish Companion Sets, provide the same book in English and Spanish so Spanish-speaking parents can read along as their children learn to read. They are ideal for ESL, LEP and bilingual programs.

The Books for Young Learners collection is a broad literacy frameworkfor developing readers and writers who think critically and communicateeffectively. The collection comprises stand-alone books that increase incomplexity and concepts and complement each other. The individual titlesin the Books for Young Learners collection support teachers in developingthe five essential components for effective reading under Reading First guidelines, as identified by the National Reading Pane.
Books for Young Learners are charming valuable books, appropriate for instructional use with emergent, early, and fluent readers in primary grades.The Books for Young Learners Teacher Resource by Margaret Mooney offersa wealth of information on the unique features of each book. Sample questionsand prompts help teachers introduce and support students through some of the content and some of the skills and understandings that they need whenreading for meaning. Before publishing a book is first trialed in a black and white version with teachers and children in American schools. Results of the trialing lead to refinement in text and illustrations.

The trialing also provides data used to level each book for shared, guided, and independent reading. That information is reflected in the teacher friendlyleveling bar on the back of each book and in the levels and approaches chart.For more detailed information about each book in the collection see the Levels and Approaches Chart. Books for Young Learners offers variety of trim size and formats across many genres of writing. The books are uniformly high quality exploration of topics of interest to young children worldwide. Each month we will include the full text and illustrations of one of our books. Go to the Feature Book Showcase for the sample of our work. Although most of the Books for Young Learners are written by North American authors and illustrated by North American artists, we welcome manuscripts from authors everywhere. See the guidelines for submission before sending manuscripts.

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