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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Children of the Lamp: The Blue Djinn of Babylon

Children of the Lamp: The Blue Djinn of Babylon
Author: P.B. Kerr
Publisher: Orchard Books
ISBN-10: 0439670217
ISBN-13: 978-0439670210

This is the second installment in the Children of the Lamp series and it’s wonderful. The book stands alone even if you haven’t read the first book about these great kids who just happen to descend from an ancient line of Djinn or genie and have recently come into their powers. It is truly a treat.

Twelve year old twins John and Philippa Gaunt are savvy and well behaved New Yorkers whose mother is a genie but gave up using her powers when she married their human father. One of the things I loved about this series is how well parented these children are. These kids are polite, considerate and just happen to be able to grant your wishes. They are living their lives quietly and suffering in the cold weather (djinn need hot desert air to be at their best) when they get drawn into another amazing adventure.

Philippa gets accused of cheating at a Djinnverso (djinn poker, but with seven eight-sided dice) tournament by the Blue Djinn. The twins and their uncle Nimrod find out that the Book of Solomon has been stolen and horrible consequences will befall the Djinn world if it isn’t recovered. Philippa and John aided by the Irish accented Mr. Rakshasas who lives in a lamp, Uncle Nimrod and their uncles, the family dogs who just happen to be their uncles set off for Istanbul then Iraq to recover the missing grimoire. Philippa is kidnapped and John sets off on his own to save the grimoire, his sister and the world. How amazing is that?

The Blue Djinn of Babylon is a well written and wonderful adventure. The characters are well developed, interesting and fun.

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